ON-SITE & REMOTE support available!

We can help you keep your network running smoothly and securely and are ready to assist you with your computers and network in any way we can. We can adapt these technologies and security measures to your network in a way that make sense for your business!


  • securityNetwork security measures
    • Antivirus and antispam management
    • Firewall and border security
    • Wireless security
    • Encryption
  • Identification and repair of issues with computer and networking equipment
    • Slow computers
    • Hard drive replacement
    • Crashing servers
    • Network outages
    • WiFi dropouts
  • Server, computer, and software upgrades
    • Microsoft Windows Servers and Desktops
    • Microsoft Office
    • QuickBooks
    • ERP and other integrated systems
    • And more!
  • computer-connectionNetwork monitoring and optimization
    • Know before your network components go down with tools like Nagios
    • Use your server’s built in tools to warn before disaster strikes
    • Organize your network topology for maximum effectiveness
  • Server and computer backups
    • On-site or off-site backups? Or both! We can manage your off-site backups in the cloud to keep you safe
    • Protect against hackers and viruses encrypting all of your files
  • Cloud Migrations
    • Thinking about Office 365 or Google’s G Suite? We can help
    • Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • Email and website hosting – Includes TLS/SSL and Calendar and Contacts sync
  • Process automation

We provide the option to control your IT costs. You can prepay each month and use your prepaid hours when you need them. Hours roll over with no limits and 100% money back on unused hours if you don’t need them. Don’t pay for a monthly service and then never get your money’s worth…

Or just pay by the hour. Your choice! Contact us about our rates.